Latest news Spark Release

Improved handshake ECU connection

Handshake for the identification of connected ECU has been speed up; unplugging and plugging in an ECU through the JST programming connector Spark answer is quicker.


Grouped bike list for same bike models


We grouped bikes with the same project reducing the number of items in the list and making the research easier. In the example above Honda CRF 250R from 2022 to 2024 were 3 items (left image) while now they are grouped in one item only (right image).

Pin/Unpin “Table 2D control” and “DAQ control”


All the functions described below have also been implemented for the control of 2D tables.

Unpin icon


Pressing this icon DAQ window unhooks from Spark main one allowing the user to replace and resize it as desired, saving all functions.

Pin icon


Once the window unhooked the icon switches to “Pin” icon indicating that if pressed DAQ window re-hooks to the main one.

Gauge Gear Calibration


In gear calibration window a gauge has been added to give you an easier feedback about GEAR value (volt).

Interpolation on: row, column and bilinear

Linear interpolation row


Selecting one or more rows of values, mouse right button enables “Linear interpolation row” menu item and values are interpolated according to horizontal breakpoints and selected columns.

Linear interpolation column


Selecting one or more columns of values, mouse right button enables “Linear interpolation column” menu item and values are interpolated according to vertical breakpoints corresponding to selected columns.

Bilinear interpolation


Selecting a range that includes rows and columns you can decide the desired interpolation to be made: for rows, for columns or bilinear.

Choosing bilinear option the software performs first an interpolation for rows, than for columns always taking into accounts the values of horizontal and vertical breakpoints.

Edit table: add/add%/set and linearization horizontal/vertical/bidirectional

Selecting range value and pressing right mouse button on table, you can edit value with follow option:

  • Entering a value in the top-left cell allows for performing addition, addition percentage, or setting the individual value across all selected items in the table.

  • Entering a value in either the horizontal or vertical cell respectively enables choosing to perform addition, addition percentage or setting on linearized values of the selected items horizontally or vertically.

  • Entering values in all three cells allows for bidirectional addition, addition percentage or setting operations.

2D graph custom scale


Was introduced a possibility to set custom scale on the graph through the option button positioned on the left bottom. This feature allow you to modify each point in details inside of an area of your interest. You can navigate from autoscale to custom scale and reverse, and when you are in custom scale the last setting saved will be restored. When you choose “Custom scale” will appear a setting button and if is the first time you are setupping nothing will happened till you set different value from default.


This form allow you to set each coordinate you want. Consider that the visualization will change on press OK and each time you come back on this graph the visualization will be custom. If you want to come back on autoscale have to select option button corrispondent. Follow an example of visualization about setting on the left.


2d graph zoom


Zoom in:

Positioning on the zone you want to zoom in, you can press CTRL+”mousewheel UP” to increase details of view. Each step of wheel increase the visualization of about 20%.

Zoom out:

CTRL+”mousewhell DOWN” where you want on the graph restore original visualization.

Cell Track


In main and crank tables has been added a pointer that combine the value from DAQ in coordinates values on the table. For example in main table combine TPS and RPM and place the red pointer on the table to identify the zone you want modify as gif above shows you.

Gauge TPS Calibration


In the sensor calibration window is added a gauge to give you an easier feedback about TPS value.

Add management for T500 ECU

Introduced managment for T500 ECU.