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AiM SportSystems has a reputation that is second to none in the industry for Sales, Technical Support and Service. We have one of the largest dealer networks in Australasia and carry an extensive range of spare parts and product.For many years now we have had the support  of our partners from the factory in Italy. Includes software engineers,hardware design engineers and sale staff. Locally you can be assured of the assistance of some of the highest qualified people in their field at your service.This is very important for you as a customer to know that we have the infrastructure to assist and service your requirements.

All warranty, repairs and service work is carried out  at our service centre locally in Wollongong.

Please download and fill in the service sheet before shipping. Download Service Sheet Service Sheet PDF

Please contact us before shipping any product for service.

All AiM Products are covered by a 12 month warranty from date of purchase. (Excluding sensors as per below)

Contact the service department via phone or email.

Service Centre PH 1: 0242 080 180 

Service Centre PH 2: 0242 080 185

Mobile: 0418 424 560


Conditions of Warranty within Australia, Asia & New Zealand

For warranty service you will be asked to supply a copy of the purchase invoice from one of our dealers.

This warranty excludes items that are damaged from racing incidents and / or water damage.

Sensors  EGT, H2O, CHT are NOTcovered by Warranty.

AiM SportSystems is not responsible for the incorrect procedure of firmware up-grades that may leave the system inoperable.

Aim Sportsystems WILL NOT be responsible for LOSS or DAMAGE of goods in freight. Freight & Insurance is the responsibility of the customer

AiM SportSystems Pty Ltd reserves the right to exclude items and or systems for warranty or service,that maybe classed as race damage

AiM Sportsystems Pty Ltd reserves the right to apply the Manufacturer’s Warranty for goods that are deemed by AiM Sportsystems Pty Ltd and/or the Manufacturer to be faulty.

If the goods are faulty as deemed by the AiM Sportsystems Pty Ltd then AiM Sportsystems Pty Ltd may at their discretion repair, replace or exchange the faulty components or items.

Faulty goods received on delivery must be notified in writing to AiM Sportsystems Pty Ltd within 7 calendar days from date of delivery.

AiM Sportsystems reserves the right to refuse items under the Manufacturer’s warranty that may have risen from user damage, racing incidents,water damage, incorrect application and or installation.

Refunds on faulty products will only be considered if the item cannot be replaced or repaired to Manufacturer’s specification.

AiM Sportsystems is not responsible for damage, loss and or costs resulting from the incorrect installation or application, the use of firmware updates or upgrades of any product for its given purpose.

AiM products are deemed for use as instrumentation for racing purposes only.Street and non-racing use is at the purchasers own liability.

AiM products damaged from water or other liquids, or misuse, may result as a chargeable repair, as deemed by AiM Sportsystems Pty Ltd

AiM Sportsystems Pty Ltd is not responsible for costs, damages, personal injury, liability or property loss or damage arising from the use of AiM products.

AiM Sportsystems Pty Ltd reserves the right to change specifications or documentations at anytime without notification.