Rear camera
Add-on for MX Series
Turn your dash/logger into a rearview mirror.
The MX Series* has a new functionality: the last generation of AiM devices is now able to manage up to two rear cameras which show the driver what happens behind him both when he’s driving and while he’s parking the car.
The Rear Camera offers even more features:
It can reflect the image
It let you freely set the rearview with Park Overlay
or without it
Optical Format 1/4 inch Color CMOS
TV system NTSC
Pixel array 648x488
Image area 3,63mm - 2,73mm
Frame rate 60 fps
Temperature -30/+80
Images shown by the rear camera are not recorded.
A dedicated 5 pins Binder 712 female connector
gets one or two cameras straight
into your device.