Strada Kit
Strada Logger + GPS08 Module + Data Hub
Turn any MX Strada into a full-working logger
Receiving and reading data while you are driving is not enough anymore?
Then itís time to step your game up with the brand new Strada Kit!
Composed by the Strada Logger, the Data Hub and the GPS08 Module, the kit will turn any MX Strada into a full-working logger, able to collect data ready to be analized on Race Studio 3 to make you improve your performance, understand whether there are problems or not within your vehicle and much much more.
Reliable and easy to install, the Strada Kit is just what you need to turn from an above average fast driver into a real race one!
Strada Logger is a small SD Card holder that can be connected
via CAN bus to these loggers: order to record the data during your tests.
Strada Logger can also be connected to:
...for a faster data download.
Its management is really simple: just connect
Strada Logger to your AiM device and data will be saved
on the SD card* as well as stored in the logger memory.
No configuration is needed.
The SD card* can be removed and replaced even
during pit stops, while the car engine is still ON, making it
extremely fast to get the data during endurance races
or long tests, when the time at the paddock is really limited.
When the session is over, all you need to do is moving
the SD Card* from strada logger to your PC
and download the data using Race Studio 3.
Strada Logger features a front LED that shows
its status: recording/firmware status.
The kit can support up to 32 GB cards
formatted as FAT32
*Not included in the box.